Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote and facilitate the development of general entertainment, movies and music, film making, and production.
  2. Improve the standard and skill and expertise of filmmaking, music, and entertainment.
  3. To provide appropriate tuition, desirable extra-curricular activities, and award deserving candidates such certificates of proficiency, prizes, testimonials, benefits, and conferment as may be appropriate.
  4. Promote the study of filmmaking, production, for movies, and music as well as other entertainment sectors.
  5. Maintain and improve the standard of ethics and professional conduct and professional conduct in the movie and music.
  6. To train filmmakers, producers, marketers, actors, actresses, artists, comedians, and entertainers to build professionalism in the industry.
  7. To organize, arrange, and coordinate seminars, symposiums, lectures, conferences, and meetings to give the necessary filmmaking orientation and acting skills for professionals and awarding of certificates of participation for attendees.
  8. To provide professional training and retaining development to its members.
  9. To render training and auditioning services to actors, actresses, musicians, entertainers, and filmmakers, as well as issue certificates of participation, membership, associate membership, fellowship, and recognitions to trainees.
  10. To mobilize and develop talented amateur actors, actresses, musicians, entertainers, comedians, and filmmakers, we extracted from the rural areas, schools, cities, and those who are not privileged, lack guidance, and lack the opportunity to study theatre art. We train them as well issue training certificates based on the candidate experience and knowledge including featuring them in our films and as we involve in marketing it’s contents nationwide through our marketing and distribution network channels also recommend some of them to other movie companies in Nollywood to build, showcase, market and project their talent to the world.