IPFEM Strategies & Workplan


Through this institute, we intend:

  1. To educate, train and create awareness among members on innovative ways to produce, market, and distribute movies, music and give access to entertainment practitioners through the process of practical professional training and regulates production services of its member’s activities both locally and internationally.
  2. To upgrade the knowledge, skills, and practices of filmmakers, entertainers, and musicians, both for young ones and already practicing professionals.
  3. To protect its members from defaulting the standard ethics and professional conduct of movie, music, and entertainment practice.
  4. To create an enabling environment for practitioners and members to earn a living through the drive of economic growth of the industry through promoting investment and empowerment partnership forums.
  5. To bring to the consciousness of its members on the relevance to abide by the laws of copy Wright film censorship and licensing so as to eradicate piracy both locally and internationally.
  6. To improve and deliver quality service training among members and non-members in the industry through creating and supporting good policies and best practices in the area of filmmaking, entertainment and music production, and distribution.
  7. To add innovative ideas and values to already existing impacts made for the growth of the industry as we feature in the film festival to join in the transformation of entertainment in the global circle.
  8. To create manpower needed for the film industry through developing skills, capacity buildings, professionalism as we collaborate with both national and international agencies in training and re-training talents to enable development in the industry.
  9. To provide technical leadership skills to maximize and enhance positive attitudes, experiences, creativity, research, and intellectual development through the framework of the institute for effective promotion of film professional and academic careers.
  10. To make provision for welfare facilities and maintenance of its members through result-oriented insurance training programmes and film business training as well as engaging them into retirement benefit schemes
  11. To engage, collaborate, partner with other film and music production companies to accommodate, promote, project the trainees after undergoing the institute training and certifications


We focus on film making, entertainment, music, talent development, film business management skills, entertainment practitioners management referral service, entertainment practitioners retirement budget scheme, human resource and new workers referral services, provisional training and certifications, practical movie and music skill development, script plan designs, entertainment practitioners insurance scheme, mentorship referral service and programme development and research

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