What is Professional Mentoring?

Professional mentoring is the process by which an individual - usually either a student, recent graduate or working professional - guides or is guided by another professional. Aiding career progression; mentors can offer advice, support and assistance, with prior knowledge and experience in a wide-range of topics and scenarios. Mentoring can take place both internally, in the workplace, and additionally, often, in a wider capacity with other companies, industries and sectors. 

Who Should Be Mentored?

A large majority of the most senior and successful professionals will have one or more mentors, supporting them through their career. Mentoring is by no means limited to senior professionals though. In fact, mentoring can be of benefit to individuals at any level. Often, being mentored at university and graduate level can help individuals to secure their first role and help them to develop their knowledge and understanding of an industry, company, or sector Having advice from a more experienced professional can be of extreme benefit at a junior level, where there are often a lot of new challenges to face and things to learn. 

The IPFEM Professional Mentorship Programme (IPMP) is a unique program that links up IPFEM undergraduates, students, trainees, young members, etc with business professionals on a local and national level. The program's mission is to enhance business education, knowledge, skills  and practice by offering hands-on learning, professional skills development, leadership opportunities, and a sense of connection and community among IPFEM trainees,  and corporate partners. IPMP mentors prepare and inspire our students to become the next generation of strong ENTERTAINMENT STARS.

Prerequisites for participation in the programme

  • Must have undergone a certification training programme of the institute.
  • Must be at least member of the institute
  • Must have to apply and sign the policy agreement of the programme

To Participate Contact IPFEM