Insurance Service


Institute For Professional Filmmakers, Entertainers And Musicians “Nigeria” having put in consideration the challenges and accidents facing the actors, actresses, crew workers, filmmakers, entertainers, and musicians on the course of delivering their duties on a movie or music production set which has lead to setbacks, frustration, and illness of entertainment professionals.


The IPFEM Board of directors and Governing Council have resolved to engage its members into internal insurance management scheme described as Group Personal Accident-on-set Insurance Policy.

It is mandatory that every member must engage in the policy as one of their benefits to promote the aims and objectives of the organization towards its members.


This insurance policy fee is renewable per annum while renewing your membership. Any member that paid the premium for the period stated in the schedule or for any further period for which we may accept the payment for renewal of this policy, we undertake that in the event of accidental bodily injury sustained by the Insured Person (s) during the policy period, we will make payment to them or their legal representative/nominee as per the Table of Benefits set forth in the policy provided that all the terms, conditions and exceptions of this Policy in so far as they relate to anything to be done or complied with by them have been met.