Membership Overview


The members of the Institute are equipped with the prerequisite tools needed to excel in the ever-changing world of entertainment. It is an opportunity for people with various skill sets and knowledge to learn, develop,, explore and earn more in the entertainment world.

The institute provides membership cadres of varying criteria for admission. Membership is open to professionals, veterans, graduates, undergraduates, uneducated talented artists, or those who have an interest in entertainment as they would be trained and certified and accommodated into an appropriate membership cadre such as affiliates, students, etc. To accomplish this, the institute has five (5) levels of affiliates which enable it to accommodate all who are interested in entertainment.

To learn about the benefit of membership, click HERE. The institute offers a professional practicing License, Mentorship, and Internship Scheme to its members. The institute also provides an opportunity for young talents to undergo professional training, mentorship, and practicing through its Young IPFEM Network

Have Questions?

If you have questions or enquiries, you can always get in touch with the institute either through WhatsApp, phone call or email 24/7.
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