Retirement Benefits

Retirement Benefits for Licenced Professional Practicing MEMBERS of IPFEM (RBLPPM)

Licenced members retirement Benefits LMTB are for Filmmakers entertainers and musicians in Nigeria and beyond. The institute has observed the biggest challenges that celebrities are facing is how to manage and survive their retirement stage in the Entertainment industry in their lifetime. IPFEM has created the retirement benefits for the practicing professional licenced members who have subscribed for the retirement enrollment contributions to build their life benefits and sustainability of financial security at old age. The accumulated contributions will only be withdrawable after ten(10) years of contribution.

This retirement enrollment package is scheduled for practicing under these categories:

Professional licenced producers

Professional licenced marketers

Professional licenced Actors and actresses

Professional licenced musicians

Professional licenced entertainers e.g actors, actresses, musicians and comedians

Professional licenced Crew workers

Professional members (Optional)


IPFEM Offers retirement benefits to ArtistsIPFEM retirement enrollment contributions platform (IRECP) is for already trained and certified members of the institute who are interested to secure their future and old age after having exhausted their strength in practice or due to health challenges or natural weakness of age.

The institute has a strategic partnership with financial institutions on the ground to manage the retirement benefits services for its licenced members for efficiency, transparency, and accountability for both present and future.

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