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Institute For Professional Filmmakers, Entertainers and Musicians (IPFEM) Ltd/Gte RC 1716944 is the leading global professional body for entertainment professionals that trains, certifies, and develops actors, actresses, comedians, dancers, musicians, and crew workers to be professionals with improved talents, and making for a more conscious entertainment industry.

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It is a new dawn for film/music producers and marketers in Nigeria as IPFEM, a professional body for the development, promotion, professional training, and certification of filmmakers, musicians, entertainers, crew team and all interested or working in the entertainment industry, launches its producers and marketers licensing programme which has numerous benefits that will drive more income into the pockets of film/music producers and marketers. In this blog post, we will be exposed to ways by which you can start earning more income through the institute programmes or packages.  First, let’s look at the problems faced by film/music producers and marketers. Problems Militating Against Film And Music Production And Marketing In Nigeria These are challenges faced by film and music producers in Nigeria which IPFEM had provided solutions to solving them through her numerous specialty packages/innovations for film/music producers and marketers, and other entertainment service team Unavailability of Marketing Channels: One of the biggest challenges faced by film/music producers and marketers is the unavailability or inadequacy of the provision of marketing channels or networks. Nigeria as a very populous and large country needs adequate networking channels for easy distribution and marketing of film/music content. Exorbitant Hiring price for actors and other filmmakers:...

topstar movies Int'l Ltd join IPFEM

TopStar Movies Ltd Joins IPFEM

TopStar Movies Int'l Ltd today joins IPFEM as a corporate member to joins thousand of other corporate members to declare their desire for an innovative entertainment industry in Nigeria. Topstar Movies Int'l Ltd, the organizes of Topstar Project Fame 2020, is one of the leading film producing companies that join IPFEM to enable their team to be trained, certified, and licensed by the institute.