IPFEM Licenced Producers


IPFEM Licenced professional marketers are those already trained and certified and have been licenced to operate under the institute based on their training, skill, knowledge, experience or qualification to promote, distribute,  supply, sell, and market contents produced by the institute or its certified licenced producers, based on their agreement to create occupational value and economic growth through the IPFEM marketing channels both offline and online.


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  1. Must have been trained and certified by the institute
  2. Must agree with the rules, regulations,  terms and conditions set by the institute.
  3. Show evidence of payment for the license.
  4. Must be financially capable to market contents eg films, music, comedy, etc
  5. Must have applied through an online form and upload of these documents: CV, passport photograph, a form of Identification
  6. Must be ready to be renewing the licence on yearly basis

Benefits of IPFEM Licenced Professional Marketer

  1. Access to licence certificate
  2. You will have access to market and distribute  through our marketing channels in the six geopolitical zones nationwide
  3. Access to market and distribute through our online channels
  4. Access to partner with IPFEM Licenced Producers for film and music productions and content development.
  5. Access to partner with IPFEM licenced crew workers in your production
  6. Access to practise and self-employment
  7. Access to become a professional member of the institute

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